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Shower Doors/Bath Enclosures

Shower Doors/Bath Enclosures

Contact the glass experts  at Capital Glass today for all of your glass needs. We specialize in providing a variety of specialty glass products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We also produce custom glass interiors to compliment your interior décor.
Our glass products include:
  • Frameless glass shower doors
  • Framed glass shower doors
  • Glass shower enclosures
  • Custom glass interiors
  • All glass entrances
  • Curtain walls
  • Storefronts
  • Glass replacement
  • Skylights
  • Glass hand railing
  • And more!

For all of your custom glass needs, contact Capital Glass today at 225-293-8440 to inquire about our expert glass services. Unlike most glass fabrication companies, all of our glass doors are fully customizable to suit any interior décor, taste and style.

Why Frameless Shower Doors

The advantages of frameless shower doors are plenty. For starters, there is no need for metal frames because the glass is thick enough to hold its structural integrity without a frame. Frameless doors can also stand alone or they can be used as frameless bathtub screens. Or customized to fit your ideal bathroom or interior living spaces settings.
Our frameless doors come in a variety of styles such as:
  • Four panel
  • Neo-angled panels
  • Clear glass
  • Rain glass
  • Bronze glass
  • Grey glass
  • And more!

Don’t underestimate the luxurious appeal and comforting ambiance created by frameless show doors. No longer will you have to break your elbows cleaning soap scum from the clevis between the metal frames on your glass show door. It’s time to go frameless.

Custom Shower Doors

Swing Door Enclosures

Swing Door (no header)
Swing Door with Inline Panel
Swing Door with Two Inline Panels
Swing Door with Return Panel
Swing Door with Inline and Return Panel
Swing Door with Neo Angle Panels

Sliding Door Enclosures

Title – Tub Enclosure
TSE - Shower Enclosure